Tailored is all about the practice of our craft. We are constantly pushing our work forward, creating a new standard of guest experience, as well as refining our technical skills. We fill our education calendar with photo shoots, advanced technical training, and creative days of inspiration.

If you are open to exploring a new look, have some extra time and want to spend less than a typical salon service, you could be a great fit for one of our advanced training workshops. The specific date and time is based on our needs for models and can be a full-day commitment, so if you’ve got a schedule to keep, it might not be the best way to visit the salon. On the other hand, modeling for us can be a fun opportunity to look into the work that we do and the way in which we practice.

Give us a call and we can let you know if your hair needs align with our current model needs. Also, keep an eye on our social media for announcements and model calls.