Tailored Salon is the first salon in Milwaukee to offer a truly customized salon experience.  If you are ready for a big leap or change, or simply a fresh approach to a classic look, our beauty experts can help.   Because quoting an exact price for your service isn’t possible until we meet you, rest assured, we believe in clarity and choices. You will ALWAYS have options, and you will ALWAYS know the price of your service before the start. You are empowered to choose what’s best for your hair and your pocketbook! Our prices are based on your beauty professional’s experience and education, as well as on the time spent to achieve what’s best for you. The following gives you an idea of how we compare to other salons and popular services you may have had before:

As we mentioned, we LOVE seeing you for a consultation prior to any service if we haven’t seen you before. It ensures that we have enough time to meet the needs that we discover for your hair, and gives you the chance to plan accordingly. We also understand it’s not always easy for you to come in advance, it just means to plan your first visit to be a bit longer. Give us a call and let us take care of the rest!