Tailored Salon is setting the new standard of salon experience here in Milwaukee, so expect something different!  At Tailored, we believe the responsibility of the stylist is to ask the right questions and to use the right tools and images to provide a consultation like no other. You don’t have to speak the “hairdresser language” to get the look you want; it’s our job to translate and guide you into a look all your own. Words describe, but images confirm. We do so much more than cutting and coloring hair; we make it our priority to learn about your lifestyle to create a look both suitable to your needs and tailored just for you.

To achieve this standard, we do not train our stylists to suggest techniques off of a menu and you do not have to know how to “order” your service before coming in. We offer so much more! If it’s your first time at Tailored, just let us know if you are interested in a cut, color, or style for your hair and leave the rest to us!

The Tailored Consultation

When you visit Tailored Salon, expect to find a few things that might not be typical of your old salon experience. The Tailored Consultation is different. We believe in being thorough, and we believe in being transparent, so your first visit to Tailored Salon will always include our unique, Tailored Consultation.

A Tailored Consultation will include:

  • A thorough chat about your hair’s history, including your favorite and not-so-favorite looks. We want to get to know more than just your hair; we are interested in YOU!
  • Expert opinions and options suited just for your hair type and lifestyle needs, meant to make your hair the healthiest it’s ever been. When was the last time someone complimented your hair? We think it should stand out but still “feel” like you! Ultimately, the options are what empower YOU to discover your best self and feel confident that your beauty expert really listened to your needs.
  • The price of your service. There’s no sticker shock at check-out here. Your beauty expert will always be sure you know the price of your service before you start.
  • Education and explanation of the proper tools and home care to help you maintain and recreate your look. We never want you to feel like your hair “will never look this good again.” We believe in a look that’s suited for you but is manageable, as well!
  • A maintenance plan that guides you in determining future visits to the salon and options of how we can keep your hair feeling its best between visits.

Our goal is to help you feel confident about your look while keeping the possibilities evolving.