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Why is your hair so dry?

Why Is My Hair So Dry?  Does your hair feel lifeless and limp, overcome with dryness? Is it leaving you looking and feeling dull? Winter arrives, and we endlessly layer conditioners, lip balms, lotions―anything that promises a little relief for our thirsty hair and skin. 

 While there are a slew of products that can help, we want to let you in on a little secret…shampooing less will give you healthier, shinier, better-moisturized hair. 

 Are you washing your hair every day? We know you might be thinking, “BUT, my hair is too oily not to wash it every day!” The solution to oily hair is not more shampoo. Over-shampooing leads your sebaceous glands to overproduce oil. The natural oils that come from your scalp are meant to address the dryness you are experiencing. No fancy products. No additional treatments! Your body knows what it needs—all the way up to your scalp! 

But my hair is too oily to not wash it every day!

So what does this look like on a daily basis? First, we want to make it clear that we are not encouraging you to stop showering―by all means, please keep yourself clean! We’re just talking about cutting back on your shampoo routine. It may take a little bit of time for you to adjust to not lathering-up every day (about 2–3 weeks for your sebaceous glands to normalize). But we encourage you to push through. We promise, it will be worth the effort. Here are a few tips to help you make the transition and to get moisture back into those locks!

 First of all, you do not have to stop wetting your hair. Once your hair is wet, skip the shampoo and go straight for the conditioner! Apply scalp-to-ends and scrub the product into your scalp as if it were shampoo. (*If you are not a professional hair care user, we would advise you to skip this step. The type of ingredients in many drugstore products can lead to buildup and actually increase oiliness.) The surfactants in professional grade conditioner will remove build up, pull out excess oil and refresh your hair without stripping it. If you are a Davines user, or use other professional shampoos and conditioners, then you’ll find that this step is a game changer.  

Second, brushing your hair roots-to-ends will help move the oil down the hair shaft to distribute it more evenly. This will be especially helpful during your first couple of weeks, as you adjust to shampooing less. 

Third, utilize dry shampoo! Refresher . Dry shampoo is a great way to refresh, soak up oil and aid in giving you a little more volume. Dry shampoo can give you an extra day or two, especially as your body adjusts to your new routine.

So give it a try!  Start with transitioning to shampooing every other day! If you are ready to take on a five-day no-wash journey, we are behind you―but, remember, a small change is better than no change! Let’s let our bodies do what they were made to do and allow our product routines to support that! 

With love from the Tailored Family

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