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Winter Product Haul

Milwaukee Winter is officially in full swing! We have the snow, the cold and the dark and dreary days. However, we have yet to see the  chilliest temps, and so the winter dryness continues. Hopefully, everyone is caught up on the last week’s discussion, where we broke down the why and how of changing-up your shampoo routine. Why is your hair so dry? 

We are digging a little deeper into our discussion by exploring the right products to sustain healthy, moisturized hair. The product you may need will most likely differ from the one the person standing next to you needs, so we always LOVE to recommend that you come in for a  consultation with one of our knowledgeable stylists. You can be using a great product, but still not have the one that is best-suited to your hair. 

Our go-to product for every head of hair is the OI Milk.This gem is a detangler, leave-in moisturizer and heat protectant. It is lightweight and great for all hair types, regardless of your styling routine. To use, simply spritz into your wet hair and comb it through to the ends. Done. And—bonus—all of the OI products smell amaaaazing! So, make sure you take a good whiff as you spray! 

Next up is the OI Oil. This product can be used on all hair types as well! It is perfect for putting in your hair before you dry to help smooth and add shine, OR use after you’ve finishing styling to help eliminate frizz and seal-in hydration. 

The MOMO Hair Potion replenishes moisture with Cartucciaru Melon extract. It adds moisture without weighing down the hair. Applying this product when the hair is wet and blowing it dry―or even air drying―will ensure moisture is locked into the hair. This is a heavier product, so it’s best on coarser textures.

Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid (eliminates frizz, moisturizes hair, protects against heat damage and humidity and adds shine. A great go-to product to achieve soft, silky, straight hair. 

You can try any of these products by purchasing through Amazon, directly from the links above in our recommendations! Or―better yet― stop in the salon, and someone will be happy to chat with you about the perfect moisturizing product for your hair’s needs. 


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