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How to Have Healthy Hair

What new habits have you tried to implement in 2019? Any sticking yet or have they already fallen by the wayside? As we close out the first month of 2019, we want to address healthy hair habits for all textures and styles. 

Let’s talk about haircuts. Regularly trimming your ends is the best way to maintain healthy hair, especially if you are growing it out. We often think by cutting the hair we are inhibiting growth, but it’s quite the opposite. Hair is growing out of the top of your head so if it’s not being cared for on the ends then you will inevitably end up with brittle and fragile ends prone to splitting. For those of you with short hair, you know the struggle of maintaining a strong shape, so frequent haircuts are less of an issue. But, be reminded that getting regular trims is not only for the purpose of getting something new and fun but also to maintain healthy ends. 

Having good hair habits doesn’t have to result in you living at the salon either.

Having good hair habits doesn’t have to result in you living at the salon either. Be intentional about the products you use at home, and not only care for the health of your hair but also protect the investment you have made on your color service. 

Check the temperature of your iron. You bake pizza at 450 degrees, not your hair. Regardless of the heat levels you are using on your hair, heat protectant is a must. The OI Milk ( is the easiest way to habitually make this part of your routine―a couple of spritzes on wet hair, then comb through your ends. Easy peasy. 

Healthy hair doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just implementing good, basic habits can help you achieve and maintain the look that you want. Let’s do healthy hair this year!


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