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Unwanted Facial Hair

Who knows that lovely lady with a stash—a stash that she doesn’t notice and that no one has the courage to tell her about? Or, are you that lovely lady? Today we are going to talk about unwanted facial hair, from that pesky chin hair to the peach fuzz interfering with your flawless makeup look. 

First, we are going to touch on some “when not to wax” scenarios. Though waxing is only removing hair, we still need to consider the skin affected in the waxing area. If you are using any skin care or medications that communicate the thinning of skin or sun sensitivity, then waxing is not for you at this time. Avoiding waxing is also necessary while using glycolic acids, harsh exfoliants or any kind of facial peels. These products weaken the skin, leaving it prone to irritation or tearing. Red, irritated skin is certainly not the result we are looking for! Please be aware of these potential interferences and discuss them with your service provider.

Now let’s talk about a couple of different facial waxing needs. First, the lady stash. Some of us have simple little peach fuzz, while others have something resembling a teenage boy’s mustache. While both of the aforementioned are normal, over time with waxing they will become less and less of an issue! We recommend getting waxed every 4–6 weeks. The more consistent you are, the more effective the process becomes. As you remove the hair throughout the different phases of hair growth, you begin to see less hair—thus creating softer, smoother, silkier skin.

Some of us have simple little peach fuzz, while others have something resembling a teenage boy’s mustache.

Next, let’s chat about the hair upon your chiny chin chin! It is not uncommon to experience hair growth in this area, especially as we begin to age. Shifts in our hormones are just a part of the normal progression of growing into our more mature selves. However, you don’t have to sit back and let these unwanted characters take over. Some times some simple plucking at home is all you need, while other times you may need to remove more hair from the area. This is where waxing could come into play. It can be a more efficient option and can give a long-term result (not permanent, but more long-term than plucking).

No matter where you fall in the category of facial hair care needs make sure you are doing it safely—and frequently—for the best results! 


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