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Should Men Shape their Brows?

Now, here’s one for the boys! Brow Shaping is not just a grooming luxury for women. I don’t know about any of you but, there’s nothing like a man with a strong brow. It’s the secret to that perfect smolder. Let’s just take a stroll down handsome man lane for a moment: I mean, without Zach Efron’s sculpted brow, his “look” just wouldn’t be the same. Brow shaping for men shouldn’t have an “obvious” effect. The effort, like most all beauty endeavors, is to enhance the natural attributes already in place. Cleaning up the edges of your brows as a man is just going that little extra mile to help refine your look—like a perfectly-tailored suit or a well-groomed beard.

We would like to empower you to embrace the thickness of your brows and caution you from the typical lobbing off of all the thickness that a clipper-over-comb effect may do.

We know many men may choose to group their brow care with the clipping and trimming of their facial hair, using just a simple guard and buzz. But we would like to stop you right there and ask that you calm down with the clippers.

Cleaning up the edges of your brows as a man is just going that little extra mile to help refine your look—

As a man, focusing on keeping the underneath of your brow cleaned up with some light tweezing would be our recommendation. We would not advise waxing for men, with the exception of the unibrow area. Even then, keeping a soft and natural effect without splitting those guys too far apart is ideal.

Are you ready to step up your grooming game? Let’s ditch the stigma that brow care is just for the ladies and get into the details to refine the things that make you you! 


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