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What is Microblading?

We had the privilege of grabbing a coffee with Diana Elise, the Browpreneur and owner of Beauty by Diana. She talked us through the ins and outs of microblading. Instagram has amped-up the brow standard. Microblading is becoming a known practice, but do we really know what it entails? Here is what we learned!

What is microblading? Microblading is a form of a tattoo. However, the ink used is semi-permanent and is intended to only penetrate the top layer of the skin.Other forms of permanent makeup penetrate that deeper layer of skin, the dermis. Staying in the top layer allows a scratch to the surface to create that hair-like stroke.

This experience is a process, not just a one-and-done. After you have scheduled your appointment, you will be sent a document outlining all the things you need to know for your appointment. Upon arrival, you can expect to have a detailed consultation discussing the desired outcome. The initial appointment lasts about two hours, which includes the consultation. Diana believes strongly in the importance of building a relationship. The concept of, “Hi! Nice to meet you—let me tattoo your face!” isn’t ideal.

This experience is a process, not just a one-and-done.

After the consultation, she will numb the skin, which takes 20 minutes to take effect. She then maps out the brow, ensuring a pristine outcome. Then the microblading begins. The actual process take about 15–20 min. You will immediately have great looking brows at the end of the service—so you don’t have to cancel your dinner plans! In the days that follow you begin your healing process. After the initial part of the healing process most people will feel very warm in tone, but—rest assured—the final result is much cooler.  It’s easy to freak out when feeling the warmth, but this is just another aspect of the journey.

The follow up visit is 6–8 weeks after the initial appointment. It is reasonable to expect fading and possible patchiness. The first layer of the skin will have scabbed and fallen off. She calls this second appointment the “perfecting session.” It is always easier to adjust by adding more then feeling like it was too much the first time around.

Once through these steps, microblading will generally last one to two years, depending on the individual and the care you take with them. Factors including sun exposure, quality of products used on the face and overall care of the skin contribute to the longevity of the service. Keep in mind, not everyone is a good candidate for microblading; those with oily skin, mature skin that is thin in texture, women who are pregnant or nursing, diabetics, individuals with auto immune or bleeding disorders and those taking blood thinners should hold off. These exceptions and any additional instructions or precautions will come in a prep email prior to the service. If you already have permanently tattooed brows, ideally they must be 80% faded or more before having them done again. The semi-permanent ink may not render the ideal look when doing it over a permanently tattooed area.

Post-care follows the same general guidelines as other tattooing services. It is important to keep your brows dry and out of humidity and heat for the first two weeks. Moisture can cause the ink to blur, making the strokes look thicker than desired. Direct sun exposure is also not advised within the first two weeks. And after that two-week mark, be sure to apply sunscreen to protect against fading.

Microblading doesn’t affect the hair of your brows, but the skin behind them. Therefore, you can continue to wax and tint as desired once they are completely healed. A touch-up service, or a “color boost,” would be half the price and scheduled every 10–14 months. If you decide not to continue with microblading, your brows will ideally continue to fade over time.

Diana is a Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Tattoo Artist, Double Certified Makeup Artist, is Double Certified in Microblading and has her Bachelor’s in Business Marketing. She has continued to further her education as the industry continues to grow and change. Microblading is an art and finding an artist that you want to work with is essential. Diana believes in making the brows look natural in order to find the brow effect suited just for you.

Diana’s microblading, including your 6-week touch up is $595. As far as tipping etiquette is concerned, Diana says tipping is never expected but always appreciated—about 80% of guests tip.

Let us know your thoughts on microblading! 
Check out Diana on her website BeautybyDiana or on Instagram at beautybydiana__


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