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Have you ever browsed Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration for the perfect color? The latest haircut? The newest spring-shade of lipstick? 100 times yes! We all have. Browsing Instagram—whether looking for recipes, décor or hair color—generally leaves us longing. We see perfectly curated images and naturally want what we don’t have. 

These platforms have changed the game for hairdressers in a big way. It is all too easy to make poor-to-average work look amazing. Hairdressers often boast of extreme overhauls that in reality take hours or multiple appointments, yet they disclose only a few simple steps. Extensions may have been added. Or (most commonly) filters are used to give the appearance of something completely different than reality.

Often integrity is something that is undervalued and overlooked.

Tailored strives to serve each guest with integrity. That means being honest about what is and isn’t possible. Often integrity is something that is undervalued and overlooked. It is easy to do what is the most efficient, the most convenient, or what pleases the person sitting in your chair. While all of that is certainly appealing, working with integrity sets the Tailored team apart from the average salon. This is why we offer our lifestyle consultation—not only to get to know you and the story you want to tell—but also to help you discover how to do that while maintaining the integrity of your hair. We will always provide options and always educate you on how to achieve your desired result. After all, healthy hair is beautiful hair. 


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