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What does leadership have to do with a salon? Why does it matter so much to the Tailored Team? We believe that leadership isn’t something that one person is responsible for. The boss, manager or person in charge isn’t simply the leader because of their title. We desire that each member of our team steps into leadership that supports our culture and is in line with who they are and how they are wired.  Each individual stepping into leadership within who they are creates a stronger team, facilitates more creativity—which serves the guest well—and provides deep, meaningful and fulfilling work.

Some key components to leadership in our world stem from a lot of Brene Brown’s work. Good, strong, quality leadership is not having all the answers.  We choose vulnerability and courage over fear. We will risk being wrong and failing knowing that it produces growth. We practice having “a strong back, soft front and a wild heart.”  Within these parameters we are better hairdressers, better coworkers, better friends and family members and—overall—better humans.

We asked Kacy, our Salon Manager and in-house unicorn, to give her perspective.

If you’ve met me, you know I just ooze love for all the moving parts that are Tailored.

“If you’ve met me, you know I just ooze love for all the moving parts that are Tailored. Being here the past three years has really redefined leadership for me―away from an isolated, traditional stereotype to something more collaborative.

Laura and Ashley have cultivated Tailored to truly be a collective of leaders—each of us encouraged to rise and set an example for each other, while still taking ownership of our individual roles within the salon.

The environment is one that sets us all up for success: encouraged and empowered to “make the call”—not the perfect call—but the best we know to do with the information we have. We are trusted and enabled to do that―and that’s not something I take for granted.”

As we work to cultivate leadership in the salon, our hope is that it extends into the community. We want empowered leaders in all spheres of life, stepping into who they are to care for those around them.


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