Why Tailored?

Why Tailored Salon? We’re suited just for you.  We are a community of beauty professionals sustaining a culture of authenticity and well-being, caring for those around us as well as ourselves, both inside and out. We are here to serve you with a new standard of salon experience. Tailored focuses on a holistic view of your image, helping you express the story you want to tell the world.

Tailored beauty professionals train hard and push the beauty boundaries to new levels. We do not desire to do the most; but rather, we strive to create the best. By offering a new perspective, we are committed to assisting you in making your hair uniquely yours. Just like the best fitting piece in your wardrobe, your hair should be tailor-made to reflect you as an individual.

Options are what we do!

At Tailored, we believe that the outcome of your service is only as good as the consultation we provide. We don’t think you should have to always know what it is that you’re looking for….we are the experts who will help guide you to your best look. 

The journey to your best hair will be an investment, so we will always be sure that you know the cost of your time and money…we believe in complete transparency. And we will always provide you with options. That doesn’t mean you will “get more for less”, but it does mean you are in control of your priorities….and it means you get the best craftsmanship from your personal stylist. Our team is priced on a spectrum based on their experience, and we have a price point for every budget. We work hard to listen to your needs and create a thoughtful look, suited just for you.

Local and Women-Owned
It’s more important than ever to spend your money in places that keep your dollars within the local economy. Visiting your stylist means you are directly impacting the paycheck they take home and the sustainability of a local and women-owned small business. 

Our hope at Tailored is to develop career professionals who are technically skilled, emotionally intelligent, and well supported to fulfill their biggest dreams. Your visits to our chair make that possible for today and years to come!

Sustainable and Quality Hair Care

At Tailored, we believe healthy hair is beautiful hair. You can’t expect professional results without professional products at home! Our team is committed to educating you with the proper recommendations for your personal beauty regimen. 

Davines Haircare is all about Sustainable Beauty…meaning you can expect incredible results from products that are responsibility created, sourced, and packaged. Learn more HERE about what makes Davines unique and why it’s a great fit for Tailored Salon and your maintenance once you leave our chairs.