December Posts

Gifting in Gratitude

Here we are! The final stretch before Christmas―the mad rush to get all the last minute things on your list. For some, gift giving brings joy and excitement. But it seems for the majority of us it becomes a point of unwanted stress. So why do we even do it? Do we gift out of …

December Posts

Welcome Tailored Family

Welcome to our new site…and our new blog! We have spent the last three years growing our brand, our culture and— most importantly—our community! We have found a solid home in Walker’s Point with a team of individuals each with their own unique taste and gifting. We are constantly growing and evolving into the better …



We know that who you are is far deeper and more involved than a haircut or a bold color change; yet how we present ourselves to the world affects perception. It just does.  We have seven seconds to make a first impression—what do you want to say in those seven seconds? The media tells us …

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